Living Miracles Australia - David Hoffmeister - A Course in Miracles

Inspired by the teachings of A Course in Miracles, we are dedicated to inner peace and awakening. We desire to know God, to experience His love, His peace, and His will for us consistently, and we know that joining together in our shared purpose is the most joyful way to invite Him into our awareness.

Our approach is based on David Hoffmeister’s teaching of the practical application of A Course in Miracles, focusing on the Guidance of the Spirit within. This single-pointed approach is one where absolutely everything in daily life is used for one Purpose; to come to the experience of forgiveness and true freedom.

“Boldly follow your heart and let love lead you inward into the stillness, not by pushing something away but by embracing your deepest joys. The simple joys are the ones closer than breathing.”
David Hoffmeister

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Enlightenment = The falling away of the idea of a separate self
Our approach focuses on the Guidance of the Spirit within, which acts as an inner compass allowing the form of the path to be given moment by moment. This is a practical, direct, and single-pointed approach where absolutely everything in our daily lives is used for one Purpose: to come to the experience of true freedom. The Spirit meets us where we believe we are, unwinding and taking us deeper and deeper into an expansion of the mind to the awareness that there is no separate self. Stepping stones were Given to gently bring us along the path into the Present moment, where the idea of a path disappears in the release of all concepts and the recognition that there was never anything wrong (and no path to walk on!)
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