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An Untrained Mind Can Accomplish Nothing - ACIM

Retraining the Mind Is Essential for True Happiness

Our online Mystical Mind Training (MMT) program is an advanced mind training program for those desiring to undo the ego completely. The whole program is on the Internet and takes 2-3 years to complete. The program involves dedicated relationships for support and inspiration. Spiritual texts, videos, music, audio files, and writings are woven together in a curriculum designed to heighten metaphysical understanding and transfer the training to everything that has been believed, without exception.

Details of the Program


MMT is being used by those who want an in-depth way to an actual experience of what the teachings of A Course in Miracles is pointing to. 

Who Is It For?

MMT is for anyone who has a strong call to Awaken from the dream of separation. As taught in ACIM, an “untrained mind can accomplish nothing.” MMT is a wonderful tool for the mind to come into this experience through the support of additional structure, organization, coaching, counseling, Guidance, collaboration, and practice to experience a consistently peaceful state of mind.

Stairway to Heaven, Mystical Mind TrainingTopics Included in the Program

Topics in the program include guidance, holy relationship, metaphysics, empathy, no private thoughts, trust and inspiration, the power of thought, special relationships, prayer, psychotherapy and teaching, discernment, mind-watching, enlightenment, forgiveness, and divine providence.

Pace of the Studies

The participants determine how quickly they want to go through each training course. Some study up to six hours a day and others work more sporadically. Generally the two-year program involves 10-15 hours of participation per week.


Assignments are woven throughout the program for the purpose of inner inquiry–taking the ideas inward to question limiting beliefs and to ensure a clear understanding of the teachings. Some assignments involve only prayer and contemplation, others involve discussion with your mind training partner. Some assignments involve a written response.


Mind Training Partner

A mind training partner is a companion with whom you communicate as you go through the program. Your partner will support your continued progress and completion of each course.


Mentors are support people who are available for you to connect with occasionally as you go through the program.


Tutors are available to help with assignments or clarification of any of the teachings or concepts.


Gratitude from Participants

I am overwhelmed with such immense gratitude for you David, the messengers, the volunteers, and everyone involved in everything you do. Thank you for demonstrating to me that this is possible. I have tears and tears and tears streaming down my cheeks.

I love MMT sooooooooo much. I am on it every day. It is always a perfect reflection of where I am in each moment and such a practical tool to help me and encourage me to just keep trusting and taking the next step.

Leila Dawn hugging

I am just so grateful for all the materials and resources that are available and all the gentle loving support that is always right here at my finger tips. Thank you a thousand times and a thousand more.

Much Love and Devotion,

I just felt called to tell you how much I love you and how grateful I am. The Mystical Mind Training is just so beautiful and keeps getting better every day. Every day it becomes clearer, watching the mind, trusting spirit, feeling the joy. Miracle after miracle occurs daily, more than daily, constantly. More and more our hearts open, more and more the truth is revealed.

The MMT program is so powerful and perfectly constructed. The Holy Spirit and the love of Jesus pours through. Please share with Jason and Kirsten and friends what a superb job they have done. Suzanne, who is my mentor, has been so helpful and beautiful. I thank God, I thank Jesus, I thank the Holy Spirit, and I thank you David for the awesome gifts you are bestowing.

In love,

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