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The Invulnerability of Divine Love

WaterlilyBy David Hoffmeister

What could harm the power and glory of God's Divine Love? A Love which knows no opposite has no opponent or "enemy". This is the meaning of True Strength. Having no enemy, the concept of "overpowering" is meaningless to Love. For Love can only look on Love and see Its Perfection radiating Eternally.

The ego is the belief in vulnerability. It is the belief that something (anything) can be attacked or weakened or destroyed. Such a belief is but a vain attempt to deny the Eternal Union of Spirit, which is far beyond the imagined world of the temporary. In fantasy, attack seems possible and defenses justifed, but what is fantasy but an imaginary game that a sleepy child plays for a moment of amusement. There is a time when disillusionment comes to the mind which deals in fantasies. And beyond this point a whole new world of glimmering light emerges within. The Vision of the Holy One is revealed as the veil of duality is parted, and beaming Rays of Light replace the world of perception. In the Great Rays of Understanding is God and Self remembered, whole, unified, perfect and complete.

Such is the value of forgiveness. Forgiveness parts the veil made to hide the Face of Love. Forgiveness brings healing to a mind fatigued with fantasies. Forgiveness brings gentleness to a world made harsh by lies. And forgiveness brings the glad tidings of Awakening, heralding the dawn of Wisdom Eternal.

Thank You God for opening the way and leading a lost flock back to the Awareness of Eternal Oneness. Glory to God in the Highest and Good Will to all.


David Hoffmeister and The Messengers of Peace Arrive in Australia!

It is with great joy that we welcome the return to Australia of David Hoffmeister and the Messengers of Peace for another summer of sharing in the miracle and joining in the joy of Awakening. Fresh from Devotionals and Retreats in Europe David and the Messesngers invite you to join them at any of the many opportunities to share during their time in Australia. The upcoming Retreats and Gatherings are listed in the events box below. Travelling with David and the Messengers is Noell Grace, Living Miracles Center (USA's) newest ordained Minister. Noell will be attending all of the Gatherings and Retreats on offer and will be extending her joy through song, playing guitar and sharing from her heart. Welcome to you all, and God Bless you for shining the Light so brightly.

The Gentleness of the Spirit

WaterlilyBy Ross Donald

I have just returned from two months in Europe on devotionals in both Sweden and Mallorca. I would like to share a little about the experience.

First I would like to share about how I came to go on the trip. I had seen the notice of the devotional in Sweden and had not paid much attention to it. It seemed a long way off both in time and space (the other side of the world). However, one day while I was walking, the idea came that maybe I could go to Sweden. I had never been to a devotional. I had not been to Europe before. Some friends from Australia would be there. I had a feeling to travel more and also to do it with a new purpose. It felt like a little door opened in my mind and all these ideas were tumbling out. I was surprised at how quickly I went from having no plan to go overseas to going through the things I would need to do to travel.

There was a feeling of lightness when the ideas came to mind, however the next day I started to feel some resistance to actually taking the steps to get there. I noticed resistance to finding flights and applying to go to the devotional. Rochelle said to me that “the devotional starts the months before the devotional”; meaning that all the thoughts, judgements, fears and resistances about planning and going on retreat are to be looked at and forgiven also.

I am used to having a lot of time to myself and one fear I had about the trip was that I wouldn’t be able to be around people for four weeks without needing to withdraw or be alone. I had an idea of devotionals as very intense retreats where everything would be looked at and talked about. Of course this was just an image in my mind that disappeared pretty quickly. There was such a feeling of openness and support from the Messengers of Peace that my worries vanished once I arrived. Everything was talked about and allowed into awareness but there was no sense of pushing or forcing anything.

I forgot all about having time to myself and enjoyed having so many friends around. The thought only returned a couple of times. Once when I arrived for the Mallorca retreat and I saw that my room was not exactly “private”. It had a door to another bedroom at the back and a door to a bathroom. People would be walking through to use the other rooms. I stopped for a moment and kept an open mind. I could see then how the ego could make it into a problem and insist on specific things in the belief that it would bring happiness. I resolved to try it out and see what the actual experience was. Maybe the ego was wrong about where happiness was. The room turned out to be great and I enjoyed sharing with others.

The “private time” thoughts returned again after three weeks in Mallorca. It actually took me by surprise as I had become used to feeling comfortable with everyone around. The idea of being alone seemed foreign to me. It was late at night after a full day of discussions, sharing, movies and music so I checked in with the Holy Spirit and then took a walk. I went out the front of the villa and out into the fields. I prayed a little more and felt gentleness and allowing in response. It was okay to pull away for a while. God still loves me regardless of what I seem to do in the world. So I stood in the fields and looked at the moon and the stars and felt what it was like to be here. It felt like a playing out of our return back to God. We move towards Love taking two steps forward then one back. The Holy Spirit is overjoyed at each advance we make and ignores all the missteps and times of withdrawal. He knows the final destination and the end result. I allowed myself to be in the fields for a while, trying to suspend judgements about what I was feeling. After some time it passed away and I felt light again. I returned to the retreat house to sleep for the night.

I Don’t Know

WaterlilyBy Jackie Simpson

‘I don’t know’ is a declaration of willingness to trust God. It is a phrase that I now welcome whole heartedly, and it seemed that when that was accepted as the truth, the healing in mind could begin in an authentic way. From the egos perspective I really can’t know anything, and acceptance of this seemed to allow space in the mind to be able to hear and follow the Spirit’s plan. The wonderful relaxation and freedom of mind which comes from witnessing the simplicity of the Truth is truly a gift.

In allowing the Holy Spirit to lead, there is no sense of ownership and no loss possible. The sense that something could be sacrificed gradually becomes washed away as every step seems to witness that everything is taken care of in the loosening from all the beliefs that no longer serve. There is no longer a thought that something is wrong when doubt thoughts and attachments arise, there is a welcome that they are here to be looked on as the finest of veils which casts a shadow on the light of Truth.

Taking the walk of trust in exposing the ego is supportive and strengthening until there is an awareness that we already are that which we are seeking. The desire becomes the experience and there is nothing to reach for. Then treading lightly over life leaving no footprints is a present joy; all that there is.

Click here to watch "Pure Trust Part 1" by David Hoffmeister on Youtube

Messengers of Peace
David and the Messengers meet with those who desire to discern between the ego's thought system and the Holy Spirit's purpose of forgiveness. Acknowledging that truth is in the Mind, they offer an invitation to engage in the uncovering of the beliefs that seem to obstruct the awareness of love's presence. The Messengers of Peace serve as mighty companions for each other and recognize that awakening is not a casual endeavour, but one that demands a deliberate and uncompromising commitment. The depth of devotion and faith reflect their willingness to question all assumptions. Total transformation of the mind is approached with passion, devotion, and a burning desire from within. This is their unified goal and purpose.
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