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Beyond the Fear of Love / Judgement

Looking at the Judgement

This is an excerpt from a conversation with David on Judgement and attack thoughts. 'I have given what I see all the meaning it has for me. I have judged everything I look upon and it is this and only this I see'

Participant: The judgement?

Speaker: Judgement is the ordering of thoughts. The mind orders its thoughts, orders all these concepts and images and then they are automatically projected because they don't come from God. It is too horrifying to hold onto the ego belief system, and so the thoughts that don't come from God are automatically projected. It's not like the mind says, "Hmm what should I do with this?" Its more like, "Yuck...get it out of here." The only way that the perceptual world is going to disappear is to give up the judgement, to give up the ordering of thoughts. The screen will not just go away based on wishful thinking, "Go away, go away world. I don't want to see you anymore. I wish the world would just go away." We were in Taco Bell yesterday and we heard the song Forever by Kenny Logins, and the lyrics were, 'Once I dreamed that you were gone. I cried, I tried to find you. I begged the dream to fade away and please awaken me.' I begged the dream to fade away and please awaken me. No way! You think that dream is going to listen? You've got to see, "I am the dreamer of the dream. I made up the dream I don't have to beg the dream to fade away and please awaken me!" There's no way that the dream is going to fade away and waken me. I have to see that I'm the dreamer of the dream and say, "Hmm, when I give a new purpose, the Holy Spirit's purpose to the dream, then the dream will fade away and I will be awakened."

It's different to thinking that there is something outside of myself that is going to magically swoop down and rescue me. No way! There's no knight in shining armour that's going to come from the 'so called outside world' or from the dream. That's the thing with Jesus, there is the thought that he is some kind of  magical knight in shining armour. It has to come back to seeing the reason that the world is in place. The reason that there seems to be a world of separation is because I'm still holding onto separation thoughts. I'm still judging. Jesus isn't going to come in time and swoop down on some horse and save the world. That's not how the world is going to be saved. So the first sentence: I have judged everything I look upon and it is this and only this I see. As long as the mind is judging, it is just looking upon a world of judgement that is produced by the ordering of thoughts. The world is an out-picturing of judgement and the only way that you see this is to stop judging, to stop ordering the thoughts.

To the deceived mind judgements have value. Judgements seem to bring order into chaos. All you really need to do is keep looking, and you will start to see 'judgements do not bring me anything I want'. They have absolutely no value. They never have had any value and if I let go of all my judgements I won't have total chaos, I will have peace, joy and the Kingdom of Heaven. That's what we keep looking at as we keep going deeper and deeper, seeing that judgements have no value. If I can really see that, why would I continue to do keep judging? It's not that you shouldn't judge it's that you're totally incapable of judging. You're trying to do something that you don't have the capability for.

For the full transcript of this conversation with David, click here.

Watch this clip as David talks to a group of people about practising non-judgement through expressing our private thoughts to our brothers in a safe context.

Click here to watch - First Expression Session with David.

A helpful tool should you wish to begin seeing your judgemental thoughts as false is to have a shared agreement with a group or just one or two others, where you can pour out your heart and give the thoughts to the Holy Spirit and watch as the healing occurs. You can click here for a copy of the Clarity Process which is a helpful tool as you begin this process of investigating the thoughts held in the mind for healing. Or you can click here to be taken to the website page which includes the clarity process and a short video by David.

Opening To Love

Recently I have been aware of how much resistance is in my mind around love. It seems I will do anything to avoid it. I will hide, I will defend, I will attack, I will judge. All in an attempt to avoid experiencing the one thing I think I want the most. I am blessed enough to be living in a house with two of the Messengers of Peace and I said to one of them, JP, that he is like a marshmallow in my mind. He seems to me to symbolise the very essence of what it is I am seeking; a purity of thought, a humility and a willingness to attend to what he sees his needs are, without compromise.

I've always thought 'love' looked like 'doing for others'. This was where my value lay, this is how I will be loved. However that has never really worked for me!!! It's just kept me angry and resentful and laid the foundations for years of not speaking up about what I truly want or how I really feel.

It seems as if I've been given this playground of HeartSpace to practise with. I've been given 'permission' to just express whatever it is I seem to think I need or want (without an attachment to an outcome) and then to just watch as the miracle unfolds in ways unexpected and delightful. The fear I've experienced in having to say what it is I think I need has been intense. It is like I think God is a vengeful parent intent on my misery and I hold my breath each time I have to speak and wait to be punished.

What I continue to be shown through this process over and over is that I am wrong. I am loved. Not only am I loved, but my seeming needs are no more or less than those of anyone else. What a revelation! In fact, if I am not feeling into what is most helpful for me in each moment, who else will!? I have spent my life living from the outside in...instead of from the inside out.

I feel intensely grateful for the opporutnity to see what is false in my mind and to have it witnessed back so strongly by my companions. I can see that the purpose is not for me to 'get what I want', but to slowly be washing away the thought of fear of being loved by my Father. I feel like a child who needs constant reminding that 'I am here, you are loved'.

I'm glad I've been wrong.

Love always, Melanie xo

Click here to watch a love offering from Jason Press!

Beyond the judgement, there is only love...

Francis Kirk and Rochelle Jekot from our Media Team have put together this wonderful video of the latest Sunday Church Service by Kirsten. The service is a glorious meditation of God's love for you! So get comfortable, sit back and enjoy the bliss!
You are LOVED!!!!

Click here for a copy of the readings if you want to read along, or print them to put on the wall or the fridge!!
Click for Page One and Page Two.

Click here to watch the video!

Love to you all!!!
Messengers of Peace
David andthe Messengers meet with those who desire to discern betweenthe ego's thought system and the Holy Spirit's purpose of forgiveness.Acknowledging that truth is in the Mind, they offer an invitationto engage in the uncovering of the beliefs that seem to obstructthe awareness of love's presence. The Messengers of Peace serveas mighty companions for each other and recognize that awakeningis not a casual endeavour, but one that demands a deliberateand uncompromising commitment. The depth of devotion and faithreflect their willingness to question all assumptions. Totaltransformation of the mind is approached with passion, devotion,and a burning desire from within. This is their unified goaland purpose.