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What is Commitment?

The following is a loose transcript from David's talk on Christmas day about Commitment. For a full version, click the link after the article to watch the talk and celebrations, including Karen and Ben's wedding, a glorious demonstration of the willingness to step into a commitment given by the Spirit for the purpose of healing the mind.

David shares...

We are exploring together the concept of commitment. The spirit is calling us into a state of perfection. Our human state is not perfection - we are being "perfected" by the Spirit. When we make commitments the most important question to ask is "Am I being guided into this commitment because the Spirit is lifting me up into a higher state?" You can think of the world as a commitment laboratory! You will be given commitments by the Spirit which are important to follow - it is important to make these decisions with the Holy Spirit, with that state of mind. The commitments are not important in and of themselves. However as we are guided by the Spirit and we are given the steps and the opporortunity to follow - when we say yes to the Spirit, "please unwind me from the world of separation", then these comittments are very very important. Christ love is agape love, unconditional. It is not a love between two people, or with pets or with families - these are all like experiments in the laboratory. Whenever we put a name after the "love" word, we have to be willing to be lifted beyond that.

A deeper experience becomes less personal. We look to see the Christ in everyone and every moment and those commitments we make along the way are part of the plan of guiding us back. A marriage is a wonderful opportunity to deepen and grow in commitment, to reach a higher state of mind, where we become commited to peace, commited to being the demonstration of love. This is a high calling way beyond romantic love or love between persons. When we think of making a commitment, it is a commitment to be as Christ is. Like a nun, it's a vow to God and the purpose behind all of the commitments it to be lifted up to this higher state of mind. We need to be intuitively guided.

In the example of a marriage, you need to ask, "what is the purpose of the marriage", "what am I committed to?" So it's a broader commitment, not just to a partner - but to a life's calling. If the purpose is healing it is always a blessing - it takes a commitment to follow through with taking full responsibility for your mind in that kind of a commitment. Whenever you want something from a marriage partner, you will not see them as they truly are. The ego motive is for getting something. You will fail if this is your motive. Go in with the motive to give, the motive to extend and share that which is Divinely given to us and success is assured, because that is the purpose. The ego motive must be dissolved. This is a divine calling for the marriage. All that comes up is grist for the mill - like flour - it needs to go through the mill - it's no longer a grain - it's soft! That's the way we have to do it with our marriage, through the mill, until our only motive is to extend. The great purpose for marriage is a collaboration!! A collaboration partner - it takes alot of practice to reach a state of pure collaboration. There will be many times where you notice that you believe something, but when you feel your heart contracting - in that moment you would rather be right about that concept than experience the love.

This resurrection is all about letting go of false concepts. Empty your mind of all you think you know. Be willing to live in the light and glory of the One. Imagine if you could have the reminder every time you are tempted to be right about something, or are tempted to get into an argument. It's like heavenly pixie dust! I would rather be happy than right about a concept! How glorious to have that purpose for the marriage. Marriage is a process of negation, getting the chance to see everything that is false. If forgiveness is your purpose and your purpose is the let the Holy Spirit use your relationships, then you have signed up for forgiveness. It's really the commitment to know who you truly are!!! It's what every day is for - for forgiveness - to wake up to who we truly are. The commitment to know God's love is the driving force. When we talk of this commitment word, we hear the Spirit say "good, come closer to me" - we are opening to that like a flower to the light - to the eternal kiss.

Love always

Congratulations Ben and Karen on your commitment to God, love from your Australian Family!!

Enjoy this song by Dave Matthews - You and Me - a gorgeous song of collaboration! Click here.

The commitment was always to God.
Kirsten writes...

The commitment of my heart is to mysticism. My journey has involved deepening levels of commitment, which looked like I was making commitments to holy relationship partnerships, to spiritual community, to completing tasks and projects, to moving to different countries, to not having a base, to communicating even more directly, to not looking back, to forgiveness, to being still... and now I see that the commitment I was really making all along was to God. My commitment was being strengthened through every assignment, and I could see how uncommitted I was each time my mind would want to pull me in another direction, or try to convince me I couldn't do it.

Many years ago the Spirit told me, "Don't make a decision to leave unless you feel peaceful". This translated into trusting that whatever the Spirit guided me into, I would stay with it, until the Spirit guided me on. So when the ego came up, roaring with it's reasons to quit, convincing me with everything it could that I could not handle what was asked of me, I knew that this was the undoing of the ego; this was the exact reason why I had been guided into this very moment. It was to make the decision to trust in God. I was being asked to trust that there was a bigger picture of which I was not aware in that moment. I was being expanded beyond my limited belief of self, and all I could do was have faith.

The commitment to go beyond the ego, beyond what the little "i" knows, is to be able to approach the river. The river flows in one direction, directly to the ocean. Once in the river all decisions have been made; the one decision has been made. There are no more decisions to make in form because the only decision is for mysticism, for God, to be carried in this experience of Divine Love.

The flow is taking me, it is all around me, it is carrying me and when I completely surrender to it. It is me. I am being flowed when I am one with it.

Once in the river the practice is to allow, to continue to surrender, to not look back at the banks. If a distraction pulls me out of the experience all I need do is surrender everything. Within the surrender the remembrance of the river arises within me once again... and I am back in it's beautiful flow.

With much love,

All transient things are here as reminders
To be seen in their glory when they remind you of God
Of themselves they are thought-forms,
Serving the Highest,
But remember this is all,
Or you forget your way Home.

Keep your mind on the glory
Of the truth within
And marvel at how the world
Reflects your radiant beauty

By Kirsten

Watch this stunning montage by Jackie to 'Rivers Run'  sung by Kirtana,
Click here.

Somewhere In Time Clip

This clip is from a movie called Somewhere In Time. Richard has said "Yes" to his vibrational relationship with a woman who seems to be across time. However, the moment his mind is distracted by a thought not of the Present Moment (when he sees the coin), he is transported back to the time he came from - 1979. It's a demonstration of the mind training required to commit to staying really present with what the Spirit has given for healing in the moment and not allowing distractions to pull you off course and away from the Holy Instant! Where is my attention?!!

Click here to watch - Enjoy ; )


Sue Daniel gave a beautiful Church Service at HeartSpace on this very topic...Stillness and Prayer - pointing the attention back to the Spirit.

Messengers of Peace
David and the Messengers meet with those who desire to discern between the ego's thought system and the Holy Spirit's purpose of forgiveness. Acknowledging that truth is in the Mind, they offer an invitation to engage in the uncovering of the beliefs that seem to obstruct the awareness of love's presence. The Messengers of Peace serve as mighty companions for each other and recognize that awakening is not a casual endeavour, but one that demands a deliberate and uncompromising commitment. The depth of devotion and faith reflect their willingness to question all assumptions. Total transformation of the mind is approached with passion, devotion, and a burning desire from within. This is their unified goal and purpose.