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Our Divine Purpose...


Crossing...The Bridge to the Real World

The search for the special relationship is the sign that you equate yourself with the ego and not with God. For the special relationship has value only to the ego. To the ego, unless a relationship has special value it has no meaning, for it perceives all love as special. Yet this cannot be natural, for it is unlike the relationship of God and His Son, and all relationships that are unlike this one must be unnatural. For God created love as He would have it be, and gave it as it is. Love has no meaning except as its Creator defined it by His Will.
It is impossible to define it otherwise and understand it.

Love is freedom. To look for it by placing yourself in bondage is to separate yourself from it. For the Love of God, no longer seek for union in separation, nor for freedom in bondage! As you release, so will you be released. Forget this not, or love will be unable to find you and comfort you.

There is a way in which the Holy Spirit asks your help, if you would have His. The holy instant is His most helpful aid in protecting you from the attraction of guilt, the real lure in the special relationship. You do not recognise that this is its real appeal, for the ego has taught you that freedom lies in it. Yet the closer you look at the special relationship, the more apparent it becomes that it must foster guilt and therefore must imprison.

The special relationship is totally meaningless without a body. If you value it, you must also value the body. And what you value you will keep. The special relationshipis a device for limiting your self to a body, and for limiting your perception of othersto theirs. The Great Rays would establish the total lack of value of the specialrelationship, if they were seen. For in seeing them the body would disappear,because its value would be lost. And so your whole investment in seeing it would bewithdrawn from it.

You see the world you value. On this side of the bridge you see the world of
separate bodies, seeking to join each other in separate unions and to become one by losing. When two individuals seek to become one, they are trying to decrease their magnitude. Each would deny his power, for the separate union excludes the universe. Far more is left outside than would be taken in, for God is left without and nothing taken in. If one such union were made in perfect faith, the universe would enter into it. Yet the special relationship the ego seeks does not include even one whole individual. The ego wants but part of him, and sees only this part and nothing else.

Across the bridge it is so different! For a time the body is still seen, but not
exclusively, as it is seen here. The little spark that holds the Great Rays within it is also visible, and this spark cannot be limited long to littleness. Once you have crossed the bridge, the value of the body is so diminished in your sight that you will see no need at all to magnify it. For you will realise that the only value the body has is to enable you to bring your brothers to the bridge with you, and to be released together there.

The bridge itself is nothing more than a transition in the perspective of reality. On this side, everything you see is grossly distorted and completely out of perspective. What is little and insignificant is magnified, and what is strong and powerful cut down to littleness. In the transition there is a period of confusion, in which a sense of actual disorientation may occur. But fear it not, for it means only that you have been willing to let go your hold on the distorted frame of reference that seemed to hold your world together. This frame of reference is built around the special relationship. Without this illusion there could be no meaning you would still seek here.

Fear not that you will be abruptly lifted up and hurled into reality. Time is kind, and if you use it on behalf of reality, it will keep gentle pace with you in your transition. The urgency is only in dislodging your mind from its fixed position here. This will not leave you homeless and without a frame of reference. The period of disorientation, which precedes the actual transition, is far shorter than the time it took to fix your mind so firmly on illusions. Delay will hurt you now more than before, only because you realise it is delay, and that escape from pain is really possible. Find hope and comfort, rather than despair, in this: You could not long find even the illusion of love in any special relationship here. For you are no longer wholly insane, and you would soon recognise the guilt of self-betrayal for what it is.

Nothing you seek to strengthen in the special relationship is really part of you. And you cannot keep part of the thought system that taught you it was real, and understand the Thought that knows what you are. You have allowed the Thought of your reality to enter your mind, and because you invited it, it will abide with you. Your love for it will not allow you to betray yourself, and you could not enter into a relationship where it could not go with you, for you would not want to be apart from it.

Be glad you have escaped the mockery of salvation the ego offered you, and look not back with longing on the travesty it made of your relationships. Now no one need suffer, for you have come too far to yield to the illusion of the beauty and holiness of guilt. Only the wholly insane could look on death and suffering, sickness and despair, and see it thus. What guilt has wrought is ugly, fearful and very dangerous. See no illusion of truth and beauty there. And be you thankful that there is a place where truth and beauty wait for you. Go on to meet them gladly, and learn how much awaits you for the simple willingness to give up nothing because it is nothing.

The new perspective you will gain from crossing over will be the understanding of where Heaven is. From this side, it seems to be outside and across the bridge. Yet as you cross to join it, it will join with you and become one with you. And you will think, in glad astonishment, that for all this you gave up nothing! The joy of Heaven, which has no limit, is increased with each light that returns to take its rightful place within it. Wait no longer, for the Love of God and you. And may the holy instant speed you on the way, as it will surely do if you but let it come to you.

The Holy Spirit asks only this little help of you: Whenever your thoughts wander to a special relationship which still attracts you, enter with Him into a holy instant, and there let Him release you. He needs only your willingness to share His perspective to give it to you completely. And your willingness need not be complete because His is perfect. It is His task to atone for your unwillingness by His perfect faith, and it is His faith you share with Him there. Out of your recognition of your unwillingness for your release, His perfect willingness is given you. Call upon Him, for Heaven is at His call. And let Him call on Heaven for you.


Relationship is Divine

Relationships without a Divine Aim always "break up," for they are based on nothing. Divine Purpose could be described as forgiveness, the undoing and releasing of the ego. For the belief in the ego prevents awareness of True Union and Intimacy. And the underlying fear of Intimacy and Union is the ego's fear of loss of itself, the "personal self" and the "personal world." There are pseudo ego experiences of attraction and repulsion, bonding and hatred that seem to be part of what the world calls "relationship," but underneath there is always the unconscious wish to separate and "go separate ways" or the wish to maintain the private, independent sense of self (ie. individuality).

This is the futility and confusion of all worldly "relationships" and attempts at the "union of bodies." True Love is of the Spirit (beyond the body) and lasts forever! The Real is What Lasts. The illusion of "relationship" fades and disappears from awareness as the Light of Truth dawns, for duality is without a foundation. What has no foundation will be washed away, for it
has nothing to stand on.

Fear not when the mind seems disoriented and the world seems to teeter on its shaky underpinnings. The Truth of Light Divine is within, and our Home is not of this world. Keep the faith as you sink inward into meditation, and watch the insights into True Reality light up your mind and lead you to an entirely new Perspective on the world: the forgiven world. Contemplate on Love Divine, for you will never be content with anything else. Human companionship will never substitute for knowing and loving your Self as God created You. Self-realization is the only Aim of this world worth giving attention to, for all other goals are attempts to stay distracted from healing within and Awakening to your One and Only Identity.

There is Beauty Untold within.

Let nothing distract You from remembering the
Beauty Which shines forever and ever.

You are the Meaning of Life.

For what is Life except eternal Spirit?

My Peace I give to you.

Nothing can separate Whom God created as One Spirit.
Love Forever, David.

Listen to this stunning song called Remember by Omkara, click here.

Lyrics to Remember

This life is... This life is... This life is a dream. This life is a dream.
It'll be over in the blink of an eye.

Remember who you are. Remember what you are. Whose life is this? Whose hands are these? Whose voice is this? What am I?

This life is just a dream. It will be over in the blink of an eye.
Remember who you are. Remember what you are. Remember who you are.

Om Gan Ganapataye Namaha.
This life is beautiful. This life is horrible. This life is wonderful.
And this life is just a dream... A dream made of love.
Remember who you are. Remember what you are. Remember who you are.

Remember... You are before. Before these questions.
Before an answer. Remember... You are before.
Before everything...

 Showers of Gratitude for the commitment to awakening from the Dream! Watch this montage made by the Australian Media Team, Edited by Rochelle Jekot. Click Here.



Messengers of Peace
David and the Messengers meet with those who desire to discern between the ego's thought system and the Holy Spirit's purpose of forgiveness. Acknowledging that truth is in the Mind, they offer an invitation to engage in the uncovering of the beliefs that seem to obstruct the awareness of love's presence. The Messengers of Peace serve as mighty companions for each other and recognize that awakening is not a casual endeavour, but one that demands a deliberate and uncompromising commitment. The depth of devotion and faith reflect their willingness to question all assumptions. Total transformation of the mind is approached with passion, devotion, and a burning desire from within. This is their unified goal and purpose.