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I Am Still as God Created Me

You have not lost your innocence. It is for this you yearn. This is your heart's desire. This is the voice you hear, and this the call which cannot be denied.

Hi Everyone,

The Spirit of Giving as God Gives, freely and without expectation or condition, ensures a Happiness that is ever Present in awareness and truly not of this world.  Give as God Gives is so obvious and so easy to a mind at Peace.  Nothing could be simpler or more natural for a Child of God.  Yet this world made by the ego was an attempt to deny the simple and the natural and the obvious.  The false "site" of fragmented perception must be released for the Sight of the Holy Spirit (Vision of Christ) to be experienced.

My beloved sisters and brothers, it is impossible to maintain a belief in linear time and a linear identity and know the Peace of God. Let go of all linear conceptions of community and relationship, and let the stepping stone Guidance be the only way you seem to interact with the world and its dream figures.  Give your Love from your Heart, and be not concerned or worried for anything of the past or the future.  The game of time is almost over in awareness and never was in Eternity.  Kiss it good-bye for once and for all, and the Spirit of Giving the Attitude of God's Love is all that our Holy Mind can Identify with Now.  The Way of Mastery through Love is the Way of Giving as God Gives.

Your earthly houses have never sheltered your Loving Heart, Which has ever remained invulnerable and beyond time and space.  Your bodies have never protected the tiny gap of the ego from exposure and release.  All lies and deceptions have been brought to Light and therefore no longer need to be maintained or protected.  The humbleness of Innocence is our Inheritance, the Heavenly Kingdom of Spirit that needs no defence and Stands Eternally without a trace of pretence. 

The Happy Game of forgiveness is now at hand.  It is not a game that people play, for they are but figures in a Perspective that the Whole Mind beholds as ItSelf.  In Quantum Physics and in Rumi poetry this has been called the Field.  Join in the Field and Be Happy!  No longer concern your holy mind with the little things of time and space, but be of Good Cheer that the need for paying close attention to specifics is fading fast.  Abstraction Calls your awareness Deeper and Deeper inwards, and your Heart rejoices in the Lightness of Being.

You pass the torch of busy doings to those who need to carry it for awhile, until they are ready for the Self same glorious inward Calling.  No longer do the seconds and days and weeks and months and years beckon your mind, for Divine Presence has come at last for you and you for It!

Today relax and enjoy a Supremely Fun experience of Being Totally Present.  No thought of the past or future can touch You Now.  No worry or regret or concern can come near our Holiness!!!
Rejoice and Be Happy, and extend this experience without ceasing.

Forever and ever and ever in Love,


Bask in the glory of  'I Am' - a beautiful song by Kirtana

This Instant is the Only Time there Is

I have conceived of time in such a way that I defeat my aim. If I elect to reach past time to timelessness, I must change my perception of what time is for. Time's purpose cannot be to keep the past and future one. The only interval in which I can be saved from time is now. For in this instant has forgiveness come to set me free. The birth of Christ is now, without a past or future. He has come to give His present blessing to the world, restoring it to timelessness and love. And love is ever-present, here and now.

Thanks for this instant, Father. It is now I am redeemed. This instant is the time You have appointed for Your Son's release, and for salvation of the world in him. (W-308)

The Forgiven World
The real world is attained simply by the complete forgiveness of the old, the world you see without forgiveness. The great Transformer of perception will undertake with you the careful searching of the mind that made this world, and uncover to you the seeming reasons for your making it. In the light of the real reason that He brings, as you follow Him, He will show you that there is no reason here at all.  Each spot His reason touches grows alive with beauty, and what seemed ugly in the darkness of your lack of reason is suddenly released to loveliness. Not even what the Son of God made in insanity could be without a hidden spark of beauty that gentleness could release.

All this beauty will rise to bless your sight as you look upon the world with forgiving eyes. For forgiveness literally transforms vision, and lets you see the real world reaching quietly and gently across chaos, removing all illusions that had twisted your perception and fixed it on the past. The smallest leaf becomes a thing of wonder, and a blade of grass a sign of God's perfection.

From the forgiven world the Son of God is lifted easily into his home. And there he knows that he has always rested there in peace. Even salvation will become a dream, and vanish from his mind. For salvation is the end of dreams, and with the closing of the dream will have no meaning. Who, awake in Heaven, could dream that there could ever be need of salvation? How much do you want salvation?

It will give you the real world, trembling with readiness to be given you. The eagerness of the Holy Spirit to give you this is so intense He would not wait, although He waits in patience.  Meet His patience with your impatience at delay in meeting Him. Go out in gladness to meet with your Redeemer, and walk with Him in trust out of this world, and into the real world of beauty and forgiveness.

God created nothing beside you and nothing beside you exists, for you are part of Him. What except Him can exist? Nothing beyond Him can happen, because nothing except Him is real. Your creations add to Him as you do, but nothing is added that is different because everything has always been.  What can upset you except the ephemeral, and how can the ephemeral be real if you are God's only creation and He created you eternal? Your holy mind establishes everything that happens to you. Every response you make to everything you perceive is up to you, because your mind determines your perception of it. (Chap.10)



Uncovering The Love! 

Recently while I visited my father I found my mind was full of conflicting thoughts! I noticed I was trying to work out what to 'do' for Dad that would illicit his approval and help me to feel as if I'd got it right as a 'good' daughter. I saw the little self-concept was always on guard for attack, defending against a certain punishment by a vengeful God that was sure to come! Not surprisingly the visit was based on being dutiful and no joy was being had!

As I lay in bed this particular night with gnashing of teeth and sleep eluding me, I suddenly saw a crack of right mindedness and fell into prayer. The prayer went along these lines.... 'Dear Jesus, my  thoughts are in conflict here, I don't know how to be truly helpful or go beyond this experience of 'wrongness' no matter what I do; in fact I don't even know who I am in Truth, though I am often trying to superimpose a healed-self belief over the top of an unhealed one!' I saw the relationship between believing I'm wrong at the core, coupled with the belief of getting it right as salvation!  At that moment I felt completely exposed and raw....I relinquished all hope of a better future and simply lay down my arms!

The very next moment I received a prompt on my phone ....guidance coming in; ....and there was David's email which initiated this newsletter.

To give as God gives! To be willing to extend love! To be done through and rest in not knowing how that might look. This is where Happiness resides! I am reminded of the movie Solaris and the fragmented memories that make up the world I see. That nothing outside of me can make me right or wrong, because, simply put, there is nothing outside of the Whole Mind! As I take full responsibility for my thoughts and relinquish control /responsibility for a seeming 'dad' arising in time I recognise that time is being used solely for the revealing of love and the recognition of Eternity within.

In the world of form I can only ever make up an image of myself, even an 'awakened' image is just another thought-form! As the quote below offers so beautifully. I can only ever 'BE' and that is, finally, the only purpose for time!

Love you All,


There is no statement that the world is more afraid to hear than this: I do not know the thing I am, and therefore do not know what I am doing, where I am, or how to look upon the world or on myself. Yet in this learning is salvation born.  And What you are will tell you of Itself. (Chap.31)


Highlighted resource this month:

Quantum Awakening DVD

This talk by David Hoffmeister will appeal to those of us interested in science or who appreciate hearing the one Truth expressed using somewhat different language. David explores quantum physics in a way that is understandable to all and relevant to enlightenment. His uncompromising teaching will guide the mind into a Still and consistent state of peace.  A helpful and recommended accompaniment to this talk is the movie, "What the Bleep do We Know?!".

This DVD inspires a deeper devotion to truth, a greater willingness to surrender limiting beliefs and self concepts which leads ultimately to the unified experience of joy.

Movie Review - Solaris   
(starring George Clooney, Natascha McElhone and Ulrich Tukur)

Journey to the experience of complete forgiveness: everything is forgiven! Past associations are thoughts which keep returning to awareness until it dawns: I saw it wrongly. People represent incompletion and death until they are forgiven, and in forgiveness only the Joy and Love remain. Though in fear there can be an attempt to cast away unhealed thoughts, they return until they can be seen in forgiveness and thus truly released. The journey can seem startling as these past thoughts return to awareness, yet they represent only what the ego made of them. As they are released they are seen anew and everything is forgiven.


Messengers of Peace
David and the Messengers meet with those who desire to discern between the ego's thought system and the Holy Spirit's purpose of forgiveness. Acknowledging that truth is in the Mind, they offer an invitation to engage in the uncovering of the beliefs that seem to obstruct the awareness of love's presence. The Messengers of Peace serve as mighty companions for each other and recognize that awakening is not a casual endeavour, but one that demands a deliberate and uncompromising commitment. The depth of devotion and faith reflect their willingness to question all assumptions. Total transformation of the mind is approached with passion, devotion, and a burning desire from within. This is their unified goal and purpose.