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Undoing Control....Resting in God

I will not forget you.
I have held you in the palm of my hand
Isaiah 49: 15-16
Yes! The Truth is Divinely Simple!
It is the Silence, the Stillness of Life in Divine Mind!
It is Spirit!
It is Everlasting Happiness
and Freedom and Joy!
If A Course In Miracles is a symphony
the Atonement is the crescendo!
If you see it in terms of notes
the Atonement is the key note!

An excerpt from' The Answer' ~ David Hoffmeister

rosh160Ideas Leave Not Their Source....

Beloved One,
In Heaven this idea means Christ remains in the Mind of God and can never really “leave.” With regard to this world the idea means that there are no problems apart from the mind because ideas leave not the mind which seemed to think them. Everything that seems to be “manifested in the world” are really thoughts and concepts, and thoughts and concepts never leave the mind that thought them.
The ego’s attempt at projecting thoughts to a seeming “outside cosmos” is delusional because everything is Mind and there is therefore nothing “else” at all. This is also why all seeming illness is mental illness and has nothing to do with bodily symptoms. Salvation or Enlightenment is therefore nothing more than escape from false concepts that have no reality or existence. This brings an end to the illusory idea that there can be an “inner” AND “outer,” for mind is one in forgiveness and Mind is One in Reality.

Love, David
Today, our theme is our defencelessness. We clothe ourselves in it, as we prepare to meet the day. We rise up strong in Christ, and let our weakness disappear, as we remember that His strength abides in us.
Above the Battleground
The lovely light of your relationship is like the Love of God. It cannot yet assume the holy function God gave His Son, for your forgiveness of your brother is not complete as yet, and so it cannot be extended to all creation. Each form of murder and attack that still attracts you and that you do not recognise for what it is, limits the healing and the miracles you have the power to extend to all. Yet does the Holy Spirit understand how to increase your little gifts and make them mighty. Also He understands how your relationship is raised above the battleground, in it no more. This is your part; to realise that murder in any form is not your will. The overlooking of the battleground is now your purpose.

Be lifted up, and from a higher place look down upon it. From there will your perspective be quite different. Here in the midst of it, it does seem real. Here you have chosen to be part of it. Here murder is your choice. Yet from above, the choice is miracles instead of murder. And the perspective coming from this choice shows you the battle is not real, and easily escaped. Bodies may battle, but the clash of forms is meaningless. And it is over when you realise it never was begun.  How can a battle be perceived as nothingness when you engage in it?  How can the truth of miracles be recognised if murder is your choice?
Think what is given those who share their Father's purpose, and who know that it is theirs. They want for nothing. Sorrow of any kind is inconceivable. Only the light they love is in awareness, and only love shines upon them forever. It is their past, their present and their future; always the same, eternally complete and wholly shared. They know it is impossible their happiness could ever suffer change of any kind. Perhaps you think the battleground can offer something you can win. Can it be anything that offers you a perfect calmness, and a sense of love so deep and quiet that no touch of doubt can ever mar your certainty? And that will last forever?

Those with the strength of God in their awareness could never think of battle. What could they gain but loss of their perfection? For everything fought for on the battleground is of the body; something it seems to offer or to own. No one who knows that he has everything could seek for limitation, nor could he value the body's offerings. The senselessness of conquest is quite apparent from the quiet sphere above the battleground. What can conflict with everything? And what is there that offers less, yet could be wanted more? Who with the Love of God upholding him could find the choice of miracles or murder hard to make? T-23.IV

Let me not look to my own eyes to see today. Let me be willing to exchange my pitiful illusion of seeing for the vision that is given by God. Christ's vision is His gift, and He has given it to me. Let me call upon this gift today, so that this day may help me to understand eternity.
Step into the Holy Fire!

Its seems difficult even now to gather my thoughts and share my feelings and experiences from the past week. As many of you will know the last week has seen a sudden rise in temperatures with uncontrolled  fires springing up across the country, including 2 on either side of Living Waters Sanctuary. The first hot day gave rise to searing over 40C temps and blustery hot winds fanning across the state from the desert interior. The community joined in fire prep and what turned out to be quite the fire drill(!) I found myself with sprinklers overhead, nailing blankets over the windows and draping wet towels at the base of doors!
At one point as I checked the Rural Fire Service update on the computer, I saw Jackie pop up on Skype. Intuitively I  reached out to her for help asking that she join with us in the strength of God . Her response was 3 little angel symbols and a 'you got it!' certainty! Suddenly I returned to sanity! It was like a wave of peace had blown through the cracks in my mind. I was able to pray and remember my function. I began to see this raging fire idea as an image within my own mind not something outside attacking me. I began to watch the thoughts instead of identifying with them, to see the belief in control over circumstance. To notice the attraction to death and terror and punishment. I questioned values around body and loss. The fear of God.

I came to the recognition that the gift was in the allowance. To accept the myriad thoughts arising within. To continue to use this situation as a backdrop for the undoing of beliefs; all the same! I began to meet the thoughts without running towards or away. I realised  that the little me couldn't make a miracle happen! It is through Gods' strength in me that vision is given, that a change of perception will occur. I had to get my hands well clear of the steering wheel to surrender the fear by looking straight at it. By remembering to Trust the presence of Spirit Now!

The healing came through joining once again as the Australian community prepared for the fortnightly Sunday Service. The theme was 'Expect a Miracle' and as I handed the Service over to the Spirit and gave my full attention to the One purpose of listening and following, the skies opened and it began to rain!.... Right smack on the start of the Service!

Now I'm not saying that the rain is a miracle in itself but what I did realise, as tears came to my eyes, is that God does have us! The rain was healing drops that nourished the parched land within me and reflected a new perspective and renewed faith in following the Holy Spirits guidance. By taking the steps with Him and trusting the Miracle is always here, it is freed from my heart like a song bird coming Home to roost!

Today the weather forecast says we have more days ahead with very high temperatures and fires that are still un-contained. Gratefully I have found a gentler place within, still a little serious perhaps but an alter is available where I can bring the gift of lilies and rest in the shade joined with a loving Spirit. I know nothing about consequence or outcomes but I am learning to trust this Present Peace will extend into the forever as Jesus has promised us!
I now welcome the fire as the passionate Holy flame of Spirit flowing over and through me, unstoppable. It wants to devour me! Love me up! And I am willing to meet it!

Always love,
January Resource Review:
The Answer

This booklet contains many gems spoken by David Hoffmeister over the years. Each page contains ideas, poetically expressed, that will help to realign and illuminate the mind. For example ' When you give up trying to control the direction of the wind, the feather of serenity will gently make its way to you."
With beautiful water colour paintings by Jenny Fagerstedt, The Answer is a wonderful companion to have with you on your spiritual journey. Enjoy !

Love Colin

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This Months Movie Suggestion:
Evan Almighty
Classic for guidance and certainty

To remember God is to follow His guidance and instructions, even if this seems to dismantle the plans and ambitions of an imposter identity. Preoccupations with the body and appearances and career and image must be washed away, and what can be a better way than a flood of instructions and symbols of support to prepare for the Flood of God’s Love.

Without following the instructions Given, the harmony and union and Love remain blocked from awareness. Evan Baxter has just been promoted to the senate and his future ambitions to change the world tend to overlook opportunities for joining right in front of him. Following a prayer to God for help, Evan receives help that he did not expect and at first he has huge resistance to accepting the Guidance that he has clearly heard. As often happens on the spiritual journey, his family does not understand or support what he is going through, and sees the undoing of his self-concept as frightening and regressive.
Eventually he moves past his embarrassment about being in communication with God and spills the beans to everyone, which results in his family leaving him. Evan turns to his Calling with faith, following the Guidance given him, and more help turns up than he could possibly have hoped for. After some time Evan’s family comes back ready to join and support him fully in the joy of being in Purpose together. The result, and continued decision to trust and join, is miraculous. With faith and obedience to what is Given, the dance party can begin. Are you ready for a miracle? Ready for the love?

Watch the trailer here.
And finally get your dancing shoes on and enjoy 'Are You Ready for a Miracle' featured in 'Evan Almighty' sung by LeAnn Rimes.

Messengers of Peace
David and the Messengers meet with those who desire to discern between the ego's thought system and the Holy Spirit's purpose of forgiveness. Acknowledging that truth is in the Mind, they offer an invitation to engage in the uncovering of the beliefs that seem to obstruct the awareness of love's presence. The Messengers of Peace serve as mighty companions for each other and recognize that awakening is not a casual endeavour, but one that demands a deliberate and uncompromising commitment. The depth of devotion and faith reflect their willingness to question all assumptions. Total transformation of the mind is approached with passion, devotion, and a burning desire from within. This is their unified goal and purpose.