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Love is the Way I Walk in Gratitude...
An experience of YES!

Now is the first and only moment of a life of rest and Peace!

~David Hoffmeister



The Immediacy of Salvation

The one remaining problem that you have is that you see an interval between the time when you forgive, and will receive the benefits of trusting in your brother. This but reflects the little you would keep between you and your brother, that you and he might be a little separate. For time and space are one illusion, which takes different forms. If it has been projected beyond your mind you think of it as time. The nearer it is brought to where it is, the more you think of it in terms of space.

There is a distance you would keep apart from your brother, and this space you perceive as time because you still believe you are external to him. This makes trust impossible. And you cannot believe that trust would settle every problem now. Thus do you think it safer to remain a little careful and a little watchful of interests perceived as separate. From this perception you cannot conceive of gaining what forgiveness offers now. The interval you think lies in between the giving and receiving of the gift seems to be one in which you sacrifice and suffer loss. You see eventual salvation, not immediate results.

Salvation is immediate. Unless you so perceive it, you will be afraid of it, believing that the risk of loss is great between the time its purpose is made yours and its effects will come to you. In this form is the error still obscured that is the source of fear. Salvation would wipe out the space you see between you still, and let you instantly become as one. And it is here you fear the loss would lie. Do not project this fear to time, for time is not the enemy that you perceive. Time is as neutral as the body is, except in terms of what you see it for. If you would keep a little space between you and your brother still, you then would want a little time in which forgiveness is withheld a little while. And this but makes the interval between the time in which forgiveness is withheld from you and given seem dangerous, with terror justified.

Yet space between you and your brother is apparent only in the present, now, and cannot be perceived in future time. No more can it be overlooked except within the present. Future loss is not your fear. But present joining is your dread. Who can feel desolation except now? A future cause as yet has no effects. And therefore must it be that if you fear, there is a present cause. And it is this that needs correction, not a future state.

Temptation has one lesson it would teach, in all its forms, wherever it occurs. It would persuade the holy Son of God he is a body, born in what must die, unable to escape its frailty, and bound by what it orders him to feel. It sets the limits on what he can do; its power is the only strength he has; his grasp cannot exceed its tiny reach.

Enjoy this YouTube inviting you to give.....
Give It Your Love by Les Drioli

Choose once again if you would take your place among the saviours of the world, or would remain in hell, and hold your brothers there. 
For He has come, and He is asking this.


This is the foundation on which our ability to fulfill our function of forgiveness rests. Perception is the result of learning. In fact, perception is learning, because cause and effect are never separated. We have trust in the world, because we have learned it is not governed by the laws the world made up. It is governed by a Power That is in them but not of them. It is this Power That keeps all things safe. It is through this Power that we look on a forgiven world.


Your will be done, you holy child of God. It does not matter if you think you are in earth or Heaven. What your Father wills of you can never change. The truth in you remains as radiant as a star, as pure as light, as innocent as love itself. And you are worthy that your will be done!
Embracing What Is!

Yesterday I experienced a most wondrous miracle! At last I turned within and saw that Love was here.....not demanding, not wanting anything just gloriously, deeply ever Present as my Life. 

This reality as been creeping up on me. My period of so called 'not doing' in hermitage at the Devotional Centre in Canada has been a deep undoing in my mind, a letting go of who I thought I was. It began with a powerful Yes to the call of God and then everything blocking that came to the surface! Primarily watching the thoughts of specialness and the self hatred, a belief in unworthiness and the clinging to a belief in the past/future in an unwillingness to truly answer the call of the Heart. Simply put, the fear of God disguised as loss! I saw the egos desperate attempt to get love through ideas of friendship, marriage and a myriad of distractions, and opened instead to  the possibility I could BE Love itself!!
The Present moment is calling me Home! Through prayer and sincerely laying all of my attachments on the alter of love and actually deciding to trust  I have seen the Spirit at work showing  that it has been me, all along, requiring my forgiveness. Many hidden thoughts came to the surface and in the spaciousness of being here I was able to cry and pray and be moved spontaneously by the Moment. I ate and slept little laying to rest beliefs in needing these to sustain me. I was sustained by Love.  I was held in perfect safety despite the  fear of the unknown surroundings and the huge flood that carved its way through both the property here and my mind!
What a glorious symbol the river has been for me! It was sooo urgent when in full flood that I was down on my knees wailing at the enormity of the Love if I would accept and receive what is always here!  My meditations have been filled with the flow of the river....always moving to the depths, never ambitious, never wanting to be anything in particular, not unique or exceptional in anyway! 
I feel like I am letting go the sides and am Now being carried! The waves have subsided a little and it's becoming more gentle, though the landscape has totally changed and I know not what is in store!

I can no longer compromise the call of my Heart. No longer look for scraps of love in a made up world. There is no love there. The only place I can rest is here in the present, openhearted, accepting, not knowing. Trusting that every aspect in this apparent life is carried in perfect unity. Accepting this Moment as it is! I am not only worthy of this love I am worthiness itself and here only to serve Love in celebration of That. Really what else could this life be for but to play in the joy of our innocence until God takes the final step?

As soon as the recognition that God is here came upon me, events in my life that I was still trying to hide and maintain fell away immediately. Even though the ego wants to rush out and create a safety net in the future I am handing over every doubt to Him and not looking back! I have said yes to Now, to Love, to God whatever term you prefer and gratefully, hand in hand with my Mighties, it's all vertical from here!

This is where the rubber meets the road! 
Letting go,

Drop into the Stillness with Nick Berbers song 'Lay it Down'
You are as God created you, and so is every living thing you look upon, regardless of the images you see. What you behold as sickness and as pain, as weakness and as suffering and loss, is but temptation to perceive yourself defenseless and in hell. Yield not to this, and you will see all pain, in every form, wherever it occurs, but disappear as mists before the sun. A miracle has come to heal God's Son, and close the door upon his dreams of weakness, opening the way to his salvation and release. Choose once again what you would have him be, remembering that every choice you make establishes your own identity as you will see it and believe it is.
Community Corner
by Sonia Stocco

Rochelle asked me to write something for community corner, at first it felt easy but then I realised that I am like a child opening a gift. I have only half opened it and am still guessing what it is. The mind is trying to work out what it is, and is it good, how it will look, and on and on and on it goes.

Recently, I feel as if I have literally lost some of my past. There is this feeling of....well, nothingness. Where I have hung onto a 'spiritual path' and 'a life' that I am following or a certain teaching that I am hanging onto, no longer seems to be. Where did it go? I went into a blackness that seemed so frightening - a death engulfing experience that pivoted and turned into peace. I heard to let go of all judgement, to stop evaluating all events that seem to be taking place.
The following day, a door opened and suddenly a trip to NSW was being planned to possibly move there from Victoria and to join with Rochelle whilst visiting.

This is where the miracle feels like a present only half open. I have always asked to be shown that there is no loss, to be shown that no one is left behind and suddenly I see a glimpse of this possibility. But I am in the middle of it with no certainty of how anything will unfold and the ego wanting to work it out, evaluating and trying to bring meaning into everything. Presently, the miracle has been to be with a mighty companion, Rochelle. It has not just been joyful for me but for 'my family'. Nothing lost, no exclusion, just an openness to be with softness. 
The part of me that wants to control and 'know', wants to know what the trip to NSW is about, will we move, is this where Spirit would have me be? But all I can do is sit in the presence of each moment, following the inspirations and trusting I am being led. I cannot fail, I AM going home whilst joining with mighty companions on the way. 

The miracle unfolds as the mind is freed from the prison it had no idea it was in, that doesn't really exist!!!

Messengers of Peace
David and the Messengers meet with those who desire to discern between the ego's thought system and the Holy Spirit's purpose of forgiveness. Acknowledging that truth is in the Mind, they offer an invitation to engage in the uncovering of the beliefs that seem to obstruct the awareness of love's presence. The Messengers of Peace serve as mighty companions for each other and recognize that awakening is not a casual endeavour, but one that demands a deliberate and uncompromising commitment. The depth of devotion and faith reflect their willingness to question all assumptions. Total transformation of the mind is approached with passion, devotion, and a burning desire from within. This is their unified goal and purpose.