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The Acceptance of Love's Presence

Here is the new perception, where everything is bright and shining with innocence, washed in the waters of forgiveness, and cleansed of every evil thought you laid upon it.



Hi everyone,

The Spirit of Giving as God Gives, freely and without expectation or condition, ensures a Happiness that is ever Present in awareness and truly not of this world. Give as God Gives is so obvious and so easy to a mind at Peace. Nothing could be simpler or more natural for a Child of God. Yet this world made by the ego was an attempt to deny the simple and the natural and the obvious. The false "site" of fragmented perception must be released for the Sight of the Holy Spirit (Vision of Christ) to be experienced.

My beloved sisters and brothers, it is impossible to maintain a belief in linear time and a linear identity and know the Peace of God. Let go of all linear conceptions of community, relationship, and let the stepping stone Guidance be the only way you seem to interact with the world and its dream figures. Give your Love from your Heart, and be not concerned or worried for anything of the past or the future. The game of time is almost over in awareness and never was in Eternity. Kiss it good-bye for once and for all, and the Spirit of Giving the Attitude of God's Love is all that our Holy Mind can Identify with Now. The Way of Mastery through Love is the Way of Giving as God Gives.

Your earthly houses have never sheltered your Loving Heart, Which has ever remained invulnerable and beyond time and space. Your bodies have never protected the tiny gap of the ego from exposure and release. All lies and deceptions have been brought to Light and therefore no longer need to be maintained or protected. The humbleness of Innocence is our Inheritance, the Heavenly Kingdom of Spirit that needs no defense and Stands Eternally without a trace of pretense.

The Happy Game of forgiveness is now at hand. It is not a game that people play, for they are but figures in a Perspective that the Whole Mind beholds as ItSelf. In Quantum Physics and in Rumi poetry this has been called the Field. Join in the Field and Be Happy! No longer concern your holy mind with the little things of time and space, but be of Good Cheer that the need for paying close attention to specifics is fading fast. Abstraction Calls your awareness Deeper and Deeper inwards, and your Heart rejoices in the Lightness of Being.

You pass the torch of busy doings to those who need to carry it for awhile, until they are ready for the Self same glorious inward Calling. No longer do the seconds and days and weeks and months and years beckon your mind, for Divine Presence has come at last for you and you for It!

Today relax and enjoy a Supremely Fun experience of Being Totally Present. No thought of the past or future can touch You Now. No worry or regret or concern can come near our Holiness!!!

Rejoice and Be Happy, and extend this experience without ceasing.

Forever and ever and ever in Love,


Enjoy this montage given by Spirit in an inspired moment of joining in the innocence of the 'field' (!) surrounding the ACIM Devotional Centre, Canada.

The peace of God is shining in you now, and from your heart extends around the world.

Finding the Present

Now is the time of salvation, for now is the release from time. Reach out to all your brothers, and touch them with the touch of Christ. In timeless union with them is your continuity, unbroken because it is wholly shared. God's guiltless Son is only light. There is no darkness in him anywhere, for he is whole. Call all your brothers to witness to his wholeness, as I am calling you to join with me. Each voice has a part in the song of redemption, the hymn of gladness and thanksgiving for the light to the Creator of light. The holy light that shines forth from God's Son is the witness that his light is of his Father.

Shine on your brothers in remembrance of your Creator, for you will remember Him as you call forth the witnesses to His creation. Those whom you heal bear witness to your healing, for in their wholeness you will see your own. And as your hymns of praise and gladness rise to your Creator, He will return your thanks in His clear Answer to your call. For it can never be that His Son called upon Him and remained unanswered. His Call to you is but your call to Him. And in Him you are answered by His peace.

Child of Light, you know not that the light is in you. Yet you will find it through its witnesses, for having given light to them they will return it. Each one you see in light brings your light closer to your awareness. Love always leads to love. The sick, who ask for love, are grateful for it, and in their joy they shine with holy thanks. And this they offer you who gave them joy. They are your guides to joy, for having received it of you they would keep it. You have established them as guides to peace, for you have made it manifest in them. And seeing it, its beauty calls you home.

There is a light that this world cannot give. Yet you can give it, as it was given you. And as you give it, it shines forth to call you from the world and follow it. For this light will attract you as nothing in this world can do. And you will lay aside the world and find another. This other world is bright with love which you have given it. And here will everything remind you of your Father and His holy Son. Light is unlimited, and spreads across this world in quiet joy. All those you brought with you will shine on you, and you will shine on them in gratitude because they brought you here. Your light will join with theirs in power so compelling, that it will draw the others out of darkness as you look on them.

Awaking unto Christ is following the laws of love of your free will, and out of quiet recognition of the truth in them. The attraction of light must draw you willingly, and willingness is signified by giving. Those who accept love of you become your willing witnesses to the love you gave them, and it is they who hold it out to you.

Heaven is not a place nor a condition. It is merely an awareness of perfect oneness, and the knowledge that there is nothing else; nothing outside this oneness, and nothing else within.

Going Deeper

This morning everyone left the Canadian Devotional Centre for the Strawberry FieldsFestival and Enlightenment Retreat at the Monastery in Utah. Everyone except me!

I had been feeling the call to stop and go deep into the Mind (not really knowing what that means!) but it came as quite a surprise to discover that Spirit had a hermitage experience for me up His sleeve!

The week since arriving in Canada has been full of miracles! I have been inspired to say yes at an even deeper level, having been clearly shown that it's been me resisting the Love of God all along! I have been given everything always and my only prayer is to relinquish all hope in a better future and be here Now in full acceptance.

This is a deep acceptance 'within the mind' allowing all the believed guilt and unworthiness to be recognised as already washed clean and the Innocence of our True nature to shine through! This is an experience we are all being called to embrace and step up to. To give the sweetly scented lilies of forgiveness to All! As Melanie so beautifully put it 'we are the Lilies themselves'! Our only function is to extend the peace and happiness that we have accepted as our own that we may know it through and through! Kirsten wrote today 'the Kingdom of Heaven (You!) is worthy of total attention!'

So the ego is shaking in its boots, its greatest threat being the presence of God which is clearly at hand! How wondrous and glorious! No more kowtowing to the god of sickness and death in all its forms! No more hiding and pretending to be something we are not to 'get' token gifts from a crumbling world not worthy of the Son of God.

In this I am joined with everyOne, as together we rise up into the Silence of the Heart and give everything we have in service to the Love of God. This is your answer to your Father's Call heard at last, answered by the Christ and recognised as the Self.

Over the next 20 days I am surrendering all judgment to the Holy Spirit, putting all my rusty childhood toys away and giving mySelf total attention, By resting in the strength of prayer and the security of my Father's hands we rise together into a Silence that is resounding as Heaven's song and goes with us in all our doings as we demonstrate the joy of Present Love! Why not join me?

Our Father, bless our eyes today. We are Your messengers, and we would look upon the glorious reflection of Your Love which shines in everything. We live and move in You alone. We are not separate from Your eternal life. There is no death, for death is not Your Will. And we abide where You have placed us, in the life we share with You and with all living things, to be like You and part of You forever. We accept Your Thoughts as ours, and our will is one with Yours eternally. Amen.

With everlasting gratitude for all those that point the way so inspiringly!


All italics by Jesus


Community Corner

In this moment, right now, I'm sitting and looking out the window at the beautiful lake, watching the dolphins playing in the wake of boats that are gliding past.  Everything looks the same but feels very, very different. Peter and I went to Hawaii at the start of this month for the Movie Retreat run by the Extension Center team. The pull to go to Hawaii came in very quickly and there was not any time to think or do much except to follow Spirits prompt! Leading up to the retreat was an intense time, both in the mind and working with the coffee cart, for Peter and I. I could feel the perfection of the timing of the retreat but was also aware of a deep, lurking fear of 'what next?' What will Hawaii bring? Will I be abandoned by my devoted Companion who works with me, shares a house and helps pay the rent, bills and food and who most importantly, represents my desire to put Spirit first in all I do...and yet I still think I know and can control what brings me safety in this world!  This safety was so precarious as it felt like it was about to be exposed...'I' was about to be exposed...that nothing I do in the world is enough for anyone. Pete will get to Hawaii and will not come back. I think I know what is best for myself and for others!

Well, Hawaii came in to answer a call from my heart. I wanted to know that I am part of it All. I had to look at where I think my safety lies. Where I put my faith. How I think I'm loved. Am I even deserving of love? I had to look very deeply within and it wasn't nice...such old, protected beliefs of littleness and hatred. Of needing to control things and mask my feelings. It had to pop... and it did! I couldn't deny the call that is ever constant in my heart, to really, fully know that I am One with God and that this doesn't depend on anything in the world except my full willingness to say Yes to Spirits gentle prompts!

So it seems I have returned to Australia, by myself, to continue living, working and joining as Spirit would have me do. And I don't feel abandoned....I feel free! I feel such a freedom in my heart of 'what's next?' It has been re-interpreted by Spirit that we take these steps together and we do go Home together.  I watch the fear still rise up in some moments but it comes when my mind is trying to work out something in the future. I can only find peace in this present moment.... and this present moment finds my heart very quietly joyful. 

Thankyou Spirit, thankyou devoted friends, there is a Light that wants to Shine in us.



Messengers of Peace
David and the Messengers meet with those who desire to discern between the ego's thought system and the Holy Spirit's purpose of forgiveness. Acknowledging that truth is in the Mind, they offer an invitation to engage in the uncovering of the beliefs that seem to obstruct the awareness of love's presence. The Messengers of Peace serve as mighty companions for each other and recognize that awakening is not a casual endeavour, but one that demands a deliberate and uncompromising commitment. The depth of devotion and faith reflect their willingness to question all assumptions. Total transformation of the mind is approached with passion, devotion, and a burning desire from within. This is their unified goal and purpose.