February 2013

sunrise at brightstar

The month of February saw Amen house cleaned out and packed up. The space there has served so beautifully and we go forth with gratitude in our hearts! Sue and Greg graciously came and joined in the spirit of clearing and packing up, offering very practical hands on help. After assisting in the move from Morisset to Marmong Point Sue and Greg went to Sydney for more of the same, and also for the Sunday Service.

It feels as though this new house at Marmong Point..."BrightStar"... is representative of stepping into a new frontier. The move into BrightStar came with symbols of stars everywhere! Firstly in the clouds as we drove the removal truck full of furniture to the house. They kept appearing via a present from Sue which were star shaped candle holders, on removal trucks, even on the new bin we brought for the house! Each time we saw a symbol we were filled with wonder and joy. There has been much converstation and praying around the 'Star' symbol how it is used in the name for the house. It comes with a feeling of such brightness, innocence, clarity and constancy. The house here is up on a hill overlooking the beautiful Lake Maquarie. The sunrise each morning is a glory to behold from the huge lounge room windows! There is a feeling of our sails being open to the wind and light! We hand our purpose here fully to Spirit and pray for Him to guide us in all we do.

The community calls each Tuesday fortnight continue to nurture us All, thankyou to everyone who joins! It really does feel like we are all in this together. If anyone feels to join on these calls please contact Sue at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please click on this link to view the album 'BrightStar' on the Living Miracles Australia facebook page. With Love and Gratitude!

January 2013

catherine_nemeraThis month we have been shown how Spirit has us All taken care of. A group of dedicated companions came together at Living Waters in Yowrie for the 'Rejoice in the Miracle' retreat. The pictures on Living Miracles Australia facebook page say it all!! Those who weren't able to make the retreat still felt the glow of Spirits softness eminating from Living Waters.

Colin is heading off to Hawaii where he will stay for an extended visit, and witness the new extension center come into function. We are with you Col as you head off to share you beautiful Light.

Peter and Rochelle are moving locations, from Amen house in Morisset Park to a lovely lakeside house in Marmong Point. This new house will continue with the same dedication to Spirit, with all aspects of daily living used as forgiveness opportunities and joining in the Joy! There will be a spare room available for devoted companions who wish to come and share in community living. Stay tuned for further updates.

We humbly trust that all is unfolding as it should be according to Spirits Plan. Our devotion to remaining joined via regular community skype calls and Sunday services always leaves us with no doubt that it is always about the joining! Thank you Holy Spirit for opening our hearts to the Truth that only Love is real. Amen.

 December 2012

lake maquarie_1_1

December has been a time of transition. A post will be coming out soon with more specific details to share with the community about where we are at.

This month we saw Melanie and Michael go to Canada to the new Mystical Mind Training Centre. We are with them every step of the way and feel their shining light as Spirit uses them for His purpose.

Colin, Peter and Rochelle are here at Amen house, contemplating what Spirit has around the corner. The fortnightly Sunday Services are used as an opportunity to join in the joy of collaboration with the Living Waters community in Yowrie, with fortnightly Friday night skype calls preceeding the service. These calls are used to remember that we are joined in Spirits function. When all that blocks the way to peace is exposed, the quiet Love invites us in. We are so grateful for these opportunities to stay joined.

A movie that we watched this month, The Reluctant Saint, has stayed with us in such a beautiful way. The message of simplicity, of gentle innocence and of the greatness of Spirit...if Spirit wills it then it is inevidable...has been a huge comfort to us here. We may not understand what is asked of us and even have huge resistance to the direction we are asked to go, yet if we can rest back in the simple, quiet faith and trust that is asked of us, we are held and comforted. The Way will be shown!

November 2012


Amen house hosted it's first retreat here during the month of November, with a gathering of devoted companions from across the country! Colin led us, with Sue as his ever-steadying support, through 3 days of sinking into trusting Spirits plan. Kirsten and Jackie stayed just up the road and came to join as guided over the extended weekend. Mel and Michael shared their many miracles from their last few months abroad. Peter lead a beautiful, uplifiting musical afternoon and Rochelle shared an MMT session on 'Trust'. Sue rounded up the retreat with a loving, meditative session. Thankyou Dale, Birgit and Paul for coming to join and share as well!

It was also announced at the Sunday Service during the retreat that Colin and Peter are now commissioned ministers, and Sue is now an ordained minister. Congratulations to you all...such devotion to living in service!!

Kirsten's visa for the states came through so her and Jackie have departed our shores, onward to their next leg of the journey. It has been such a blessing witnessing the handing of it ALL over to the Spirit to take care of...Divine Timing surely must be in charge! Thank you Kirsten and Jackie for sharing your undoing and healing with us all here. We love you both so much, you're both forever in our hearts. There feels to be a dawning of true Trust in the plan as Spirit would have it be! Amen! 

October 2012


Our minds this month here in Morisset have been shifting into the possibility of moving into a larger house. It feels like this is an opening up for us all here as we watch ego's games of littleness trying to roar over Spirits gentle waves of inspiration. There has been such deep joinings as we expose our fears and small beliefs. The miracle is right here, as we put our trust in Spirit the Light is shining through to clearer skies!

Kirsten and Jackie have been bathing in the arts at Living Waters, Yowrie. Greg and Kirsten have been joining with Spirit, allowing songs to pour through with Kirsten writing and playing music on her new guitar. Jackie is pouring her Love into her painting.

Mel and Michael return to Australia on Nov 1st after being away for many months...welcome back guys!! We look forward to hearing of their many adventures and healing from their dedicated time with the global community. The gang from Yowrie will be coming up to Morisset to join for our Sunday service on the 18th of November.

David has now returned to the monastery in Utah for several months. The snow is starting to fall there, creating the perfect setting for the upcoming retreats. There are still places left for the month long silent retreat in the new year there so if you are feeling inclined to go, now is the time to act! You'll find details of these events on the here.

 September 2012

September has been a quiet month of going within to attune to Spirit. Kirsten and Jackie are at Living Waters in Yowrie as the next phase of Spirits plans arise. Colin, Peter and Rochelle, and Grace and Ethan as well as Catherine, who is visiting from England, all travelled to Living Waters to join for the regular Sunday Service and an extra few days of joining in truth and stillness. It was a beautiful, free-flowing time of playing with the horses, listening to the birds, joining for meditation and meals and really putting our hearts desire - Spirit - first.

Thank you Sue, Greg and Elf for supporting this!

 August 2012


August has seen amazing colaborations with the move from HeartSpace unfolding miraculously. So many angels came to offer their love, support and practical helping hands and trailers! After many days and weeks of using cleaning, shifting and packing as our backdrop, Kirsten and Jackie vacated HeartSpace and are spending time in Yowrie at Living Waters with Greg and Sue.

We have been having our regular fortnightly services at Amen house. This also has been a beautiful example of how collaboration can bring such joy when all is handed over to Spirit. David and Dennis have been coming up from Sydney for the services regularly, and we also had Sonia visit from Melbourne for a weekend to bless us with her still presence.

Spirit has been serenading us via the birds...the kookaburras erupt in joyous laughter when we are taking things a bit too seriously, and by the same token when we are feeling the joy they quickly join us with their mighty cackle! The brilliant colours of the rosellas and gentle warble of the magpies flash into our senses like a soft tickle... it seems that Spirit can gently reminds us if we forget momentarily that we are all part of this amazing tapestry of the Divine!

 July 2012


July has been a month of expressing and allowing all our thoughts around next steps as we settle back and ask, "Spirit, what would you have me do?". It all needs to come up, all the beliefs that block the experience of Love that is right there, just waiting to shine through!

Collaboration has been a strong theme, with much joy and joining around the handing over of the Living Miracles Australia newsletter to Sue, with support from Rochelle and Peter. There were also many community meetings held to join with Spirit to reveal next movements of where the call is for everyone to be. HeartSpace will be vacated toward the end of August as Kirsten and Jackie begin the next leg of their journey Home. Colin and Peter will continue on at Amen house, with Rochelle joining on a regular basis. Elf has heeded the call of her beloved choir and will be staying on at Yowrie.

JP has returned to Utah. His gentle and loving presence here blessed us all! Karen and Ben also returned to Utah this month after spending several months at Amen house. We love you guys! Mel and Michael have extended their stay overseas and are due back around the end of October.

The services will continue to be held as usual, now from Amen house and Living Waters, in the spirit of collaboration! Although it seems that our community here is separated by many kilometers, a deep desire to join in purpose has arisen, along with the knowledge that we can never be separate.

 June 2012


June was a month of stepping into extending passion and inspiration, and the community at Amen House have been extending their gifts to each other with MMT (Mystical Mind Training) sessions, computer tech training and 'David' sessions. There was also a fun visit by train to a service at Hillsong in Sydney, where hundreds of voices were raised in song to the glory of God. What a wonderfully heart warming experience it was, to join our voices in praise of the Lord.

In early June Kirsten and Jackie facilitated two gatherings in New Zealand. They delved deeply into the idea of specialness and how it impacts in every area of life, sharing the joy and freedom of experiencing the Love that comes as a result of the release from the expectations that specialness demands.

There have been many calls and joinings with the wider community, as decisions are made about next moves at the end of July. A warm welcome is extended to Elf, who will move up from Yowrie to join Kirsten, Jackie, Colin, Peter and Rochelle in community.

As the mind opens and becomes ready to embrace the next step, the means is provided, fear is faced and overcome, and the exhilaration of stepping out in trust becomes a present experience. All is perfectly orchestrated by One who loves us! Amen.

 May 2012



Gatherings held in May at HeartSpace have had the effect of bringing all of us present into an increased awareness of the gift of giving and receiving, in the context of community. The first gathering was a day of 'All is Given', spent in the realisation that Love is, indeed, all we need! The second gathering was a weekend retreat of 'Give All to All', where everyone participated in the gifts offered, of heart-warming experientials, sharings focused on gratitude and extension, and a music night which showcased the enormous pool of talent that we have in our small community. It was great fun, and the lessons learned are being lived at AMEN house, where everyone is sharing their gifts of painting, cooking, singing, and much more. Ah, the richness of community abounds!

Kirsten and Jackie are to travel to New Zealand for two gatherings to be held on 8th and 10th June. The theme will be the undoing of special relationship and the freedom and joy this leads to. For details, click here.

Winter draws in and the fires of Love are burning in the hearth and in our hearts,
drawing us ever closer in our one desire for Truth!

 April 2012


Like bubbles of happiness on the ocean of joy, movement again seems to be the main theme this month. Michael left for 2 months in Utah, where he is having a very happy undoing! Jackie returned from NZ where there were many heartfelt joinings in Love, and JP and his keyboard, left for Yowrie where he is making music with Greg, and singing with Elf's choir. The angels are sure to be accompanying them, lifting their sweet song to the heavens!


Karen and Ben arrived from Utah, here until June to tidy up loose ends, and we farewelled Dale, who is following her inspiration and taking a road trip to Perth, with planned stops in Yowrie, Tasmania and Melbourne. There are sure to be many holy encounters along the way – she goes with our love and blessings for her next adventure.


Colin is stewarding the Amen House where there is space for volunteer visits. If you are interested in experiencing living in devotional community you can apply via the volunteer application form, linked on the home page of this website: click here.

Upcoming events this month include a one day gathering 'All is Given' on Sunday 6th May, and a weekend retreat 'Give All to All' on 18-20 May, both to be held at HeartSpace – for details click here.

 March 2012


Many movements and events have taken place this month, all of them heart-warming and inclusive, bringing the awareness of Love's presence into the mind as a present experience. JP and Jackie had a day in Sydney, culminating in a totally inspiring rendition of Beethoven's 9th/Ode to Joy at the Opera House; Kirsten and Jackie took the train with Li to Sydney to farewell her in Love for her return to Sweden; Michael and Melanie were married in a beautiful garden wedding attended by the community, including Jason via Skype from California; Jackie and JP left for New Zealand to answer a call for going deeper into the mind from friends dedicated to healing; Michael has been gathering passport and visa information for his upcoming visit to Utah; and Solhaj, who came for a week, will return to stay at Amen House.

There will be a day gathering at HeartSpace on 8 April, Easter Sunday 'Into the Softness' which will include the Sunday service, lunch, a movie and a mystical forest walk. 9.45 am to 3 pm.

February 2012


Lake Macquarie is just a short walk away from the community houses, and deep healings take place walking through the shade of the towering trees or floating gently in the still waters of the lake. The jumping fish seem to reflect a leap in awareness and jump high out of the water in sync with the freedom gained in the mind. Large fish and stingrays float gracefully by, and the kangaroos standing in the shallows cool their feet, or is that paws? We gaze at each other in stillness and acceptance. In the openness of mind that results, our purpose of Forgiveness and Remembering becomes a gentle pathway.

 January 2011

There have been many comings and goings during the first month of 2012!! Kirsten and JP took hermitage time at Living Waters Sanctuary, sharing their still, quiet time with birds, butterflies, geckos and snakes – all come to join in the Oneness! They had been lovingly taken care of by Elf who excels in the kitchen, and returned with a Persian love cake for afternoon tea in the garden.


A group went down to Living Waters Sanctuary where their backdrop for healing was garden and yard work, resulting in a glowing team returning to Morisset. After being dropped in Sydney on the way back, Kerri went straight on to a retreat in Byron Bay, returning with much inspiration to share her experience; Sue has been visiting her father a few hours drive away, and we have had the added joy of visits from her over a couple of weekends, one where she treated us to a beautiful church service. Jackie visited the Gold Coast for 10 days, where she was given the gift of rain and floods to enable her to totally immerse in her current project, resulting in near completion of the task. Li is taking hermitage time on the Gold Coast, with the added bonus of attentiveness training from a very intuitive cat!


We look forward next month to Greg's return from Kamas. There is to be a gathering in Sydney on 4 February, hosted by very welcoming and generous hosts Anita and Phil, at their home in Curl Curl. Dale will be attending a chanting retreat with Deva Premal and Miten, and we look forward to her sharing at our community night when she returns. The community will be attending the Bhodi Festival in Newcastle, where Deva Premal and Miten will be singing, and Dave Stringer (who JP has played saxaphone with) will be playing.


The backdrop of all of these movements and tasks keep inspiration high as the healing in mind takes place. They signify the willingness to go where the Holy Spirit would have us be, knowing that it is the most helpful direction when we fully give our minds over to the Plan.

December 2011


December has seen yet more support for the community, with Kerri arriving from Europe to steward Amen House. She is indeed a gift from the spirit, with her skills and desire to be in Purpose. The community there are diving deeply into the mind with great willingness and transparency, exposing whatever arises that is unlike Love. They are a wonderful demonstration of what is possible when an atmosphere of trust is gently held in place.


A lot of joy, and cricket, has been experienced at KidSpace, which is very popular for family fun – Colin is a natural, and very resourceful!


Skills and gifts are abundant, some of which are evident on Sundays when Dale, Colin, Francis and Paul have delighted us with their gifts of music. Following the Sunday service, SEED Cafe continues Serving Everyone Eternal Devotion, with lunch in which the love can literally be tasted, and heart shaped gingerbread matching the hearts lovingly scribed in froth on the coffee.


We joined together at HeartSpace for a collaborative Christmas dinner, after which JP surprised us with several entertaining YouTube clips, finishing up with Love Actually, the ultimate Christmas movie.


I am ever grateful for your presence with us in the love of God, and may you all experience Peace, Love and Joy in the coming year. This is Kirsten's wish for you for the new year:


I wish you a year full of love and gentleness

I wish you a year of happy dreams coming true,

I wish you a year of lightness and laughter

I wish you a year of discovering You

November 2011


November has seen lots of activity at Heartspace in Morisset. Jason and Kirsten arrived at the beginning of the month to settle in to their home base for the summer at Heartspace. Jason's travels have led him to China and Canada, and JP's arrived in Australia mid-month. Jackie and Li arrive at the beginning of December from Queensland, to complete the community and to join the MMT (Mystical Mind Training) team.


The seed that had been planted about a miracles cafe just a few short weeks ago started to grow, and Seed Cafe was launched in much joy, on the same day as the Sunday service and the first TV live-streaming from Utah. What a glorious day of 'firsts' and a continuation of joinings both in body and in mind with the greater community. Initially, Seed will be open after each Sunday service, so if you're in the area do pop in for a coffee and to join with mighty companions.


A periphery house is to be rented a minute's walk from Heartspace, and will be occupied by Colin, Francis (Peter) and Dale. Visitors to the area will be welcomed and embraced in love, e-mail Colin at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The China tour is a knock-out, with gatherings of up to 100 people attending, with deep and heart felt questions at each meeting. If you want to follow Jason and David's journey in China, email one of them to join the Facebook tour diary, China Fun. It's a private group, so an invitation is required to join. It will be posted for approximately another 2 weeks, while the tour lasts.

 October 2011


This month has seen many in the community come together at Living Waters, where strong attachment to thoughts of specialness in many forms were exposed.There was an atmosphere of safety and support in the gathering which allowed the exposure of behaviours that were the cover-up for deep beliefs of unworthiness, neediness, control, and many more. Exposing what seems to be on the surface allows the freeing of the deeper beliefs that keep us tied to guilt and unhappiness. The strength of the Spirit is experienced in joining companions who come together in the sole purpose of healing the mind. The newsletter this month covers the topic of specialness and is full of fantastic material, click the link in the box on the left of this page to have a look at it.

The base at Heartspace is now almost complete in readiness for Kirsten and Jason's arrival at the beginning of November. Here too, many thoughts of how to be and what to do, have been up in awareness, with the realisation that healing lies in exposing and letting go of the ways of the past.

If you are willing to renounce the role of guardian of your thought system and open it to me,

I will correct it very gently and lead you back to God. T-4.I

 September 2011


With the Spirit's guidance a base has been provided for the Messengers of Peace to stay north of Sydney this summer. HeartSpace is a 5 bedroom house in Morisset Park near Newcastle stewarded by Melanie and Michael, where Kirsten, Jason, and Jason Press (JP) will be based from November. They will be joined by Jackie and Li, with the focus being on building the third year of the Mystical Mind Training program. But there is some talk of a tour in Australia of the 'miracles van', and some spontaneous gatherings, so stay tuned!

A 'house warming' retreat was held at HeartSpace where the community came together to experience many miracles of abundance and generosity in completing furnishing the house. There were many holy encounters, with everyone experiencing lots of love and laughter!

If you are called to experience devotional living there will be opportunities for stays at HeartSpace through October.

This month has seen the movement of friends returning to the community of devotion here in Australia. Jackie has returned from a 6 month stay at the Monastery and a month with the Canadian community; Sue returns from 3 weeks in Canada where she joined the first part of the Cross Canada Tour and the community at the Canada peace house; and Colin also returns to Yowrie from a 3 month stay at the Monastery. The devotion to let all else pass by except the desire for Truth and Peace lifts the heart to the glory of God!

 August 2011


Living Miracles Minister Jason Warwick, is leading a group of dedicated friends on a five week, cross-Canada road trip. They left Vancouver Island in an RV on August 29th, heading east towards Quebec city.

Sue followed her joy as she flew to Canada to join her mighty companions on the Canadian bus tour. At Living Waters, Greg is intending to immerse himself in meditation and mud bricks while Sue is away.

Things are winding up at the Shinin' Shack, which has served as a wonderful space for regular expression sessions, Spiritindahouse radio shows, visitors, a meet-up group, and regular church services.

Michael and Melanie are so grateful for everyone who has come to join them in any way during their time at the Shinin' Shack. All Glory to God!

July 2011


The question "What is the call of your heart, what do you truly desire, and are you willing to say 'Yes?'" has been asked in several of our Services recently.

Looking at this question deeply has seen Colin, Peter, Frances, and myself (Karen) join our Australian Ministers Jason, Kirsten and Jackie at the Living Miracles Monastery in Utah. We have said yes to the desire in our hearts to sink deeper and deeper into the community way of life. There are so many opportunities to join here doing projects together, watching inspirational movies, and participating in expression sessions. The ways in which to share what is in your mind and on your heart are endless. Love just radiates when so many mighty companions are joined in purpose. Community living is an amazing feeling to be experienced by all who feel the call in their heart. 

June 2011


The “Retreat into Happiness” was held in June on Phillip Island by Melanie and Sue. Gaye and Stan opened their home for the week-long retreat and a truly amazing experience was felt by everyone.

Melanie and Sue offered their presence and love, leading the way by using the retreat to share how they live every day. They demonstrated what living in devotion is all about by opening their hearts and exposing their thoughts to experience the miracle of healing.

The Retreat into Happiness seemed to reignite the spark within the Australian community for the love that is experienced by answering the call and asking the Holy Spirit to show us the way to live in devotion.

David Hoffmeister has recently talked about spending more time in Utah and places in the world with those who have dedicated their lives to practicing living in devotion to the Holy Spirit. He dedicates his time to those who have answered the call.

Our beloved friend Richard Thompson passed away and these words from Kirsten are beautiful: “My heart is filled with love when I think of Richard - our last encounter together was beautiful. The presence of the Spirit was so strong when he realized that his one responsibility was to follow his heart. It was a deeply joyful moment that went on and on!” -Kirsten

 May 2011

Stepping up and looking within seems to have been a large focus for most of the Australian community this month. It has seen a broad focus around looking at our fears and consciously making a choice to choose another way.

A beautiful retreat unfolded at the Shinin’ Shack where all who attended came together to reaffirm the call of their hearts which was to say “yes” to God. Joy and inspiration has everyone moving and shaking at Living Waters this month as a construction project has started. This will make way for a much larger gathering space for all to join and God willing this project will be completed and ready for gatherings with the Messengers of Peace and David Hoffmeister this year. Elf has been inspired to set up a Holy Spirit house just down the road from Living Waters in full support to the community, and has opened this 3-bedroom cottage also for those who feel the call to join. Melanie Doyle has said yes to becoming a minister for Living Miracles Australia inspired by her love for God.

For a more detailed description of the roles ministers play in Living Miracles Australia click here. On the 18th till the 24th June there will be a retreat in Victoria on Phillip Island. ‘A Retreat to Happiness’.

April 2011


In the middle of April a four day gathering called ‘One Hug’ was held at Living Waters, answering the call to join as one community in the Presence of Love. Twelve participants shared cosy caravans and intimate living, which opened the way for radical honesty and an experience of deep healing. We were guided by the spontaneity of Spirit, and experienced the effortless flow of being dedicated to a single purpose. The Clarity Process that was experienced each morning paved the way for miracles to follow.

Melanie and Michael have felt the call to extend and share from their base 'the Shinin' Shack' in NewCastle. They have expression sessions using the Clarity Process on Monday and Thursday mornings, an ACIM Meetup group on Tuesday evenings, and Michael broadcasts his Spritindahouse radio show on Tuesday and Friday mornings.

Melanie would love to hear from anyone who feels to join. You can contact her by e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The weekly church services are being held on alternate Sundays at Living Waters Sanctuary in Yowrie and at the Shinin’ Shack in Newcastle. All are welcome.

Taking the time and saying yes to come together as one has seen an amazing month of miracles. The joy we experience when we say yes to following our hearts call is amazing and each time we do it we sink deeper and deeper into the arms of God.

See the Friends for more information about local events and opportunities to join.

 March 2011

March has been an exciting month of international travel to the monastery in Utah. Karen, Jackie and Colin spent the month in Utah going from sunny heat melting 38 to 40 degree temperatures to arrive in Utah in the midst of snow laden landscapes of minus degree temperatures. Even though the snow was falling the hearts were warm and welcoming, so welcoming that Jackie will be staying until around September. Karen is very excited to be heading back to Australia at the end of this month as there is such a loving supportive community unfolding there. The Utah monastery has been a great example of what is possible in Australia.

Living Waters Sanctuary is a feast of love. David Youkstetter has just returned to the U.S. absolutely grateful for the time he spent there. Peter has just started his devotional time there with Sue and Greg. Music may be flowing from Living Waters Sanctuary very soon with all the dedicated passion that is unfolding.

 January 2011


This month David and the Messengers of Peace concluded their summer tour with a week long ‘In the Joy’ retreat at Mystery Bay retreat centre. Spontaneity was the theme from sunrise to sunset. The times and format for gatherings were given at the beginning of the day and the content was often unknown until the gathering started when there were deep sharings, and as the title suggests lots of joy, all supported by the spaciously beautiful surroundings.

The week served up glorious witnesses of commitment to God including a holy union service between Melanie and Michael conducted by Kirsten, an early morning intimate ministerial licensing ceremony for Sue, held on the clifftop with stunning Pacific views for a backdrop, and a personal baptism when a group floated up river linked together in stillness. Altogether a wonderful testimony to the deep level of devotion and commitment which draws Messengers to our shores each year.

The community at Living Waters in Yowrie continues to grow with volunteer applications being received on a regular basis. Sunday services are now being held by Sue at Living Waters and are broadcast on Blog Talk Radio. See the Services tab for how to tune in.

The community in Newcastle is also stabilising, with Melanie and Michael and Rochelle now all settled in the area. Michael will be continuing with Spiritindahouse again shortly on Blog Talk Radio. There is a broadcast on forgiveness in the archives which was recorded last week, so tune in and listen at your leisure. Go to Friends of Living Miracles in the menu on the left of this page.

The ACIM conference at the end of the month in San Francisco saw the successful launch of the Mystical Mind Training Program to over 450 participants. The launch was the opening for the conference and set the tone with an uncompromising message of Truth which was truly inspiring and uplifting.

December 2010

The new year has heralded a time of deepening in the awareness of all that is not of God. It started with the New Year retreat in Maitland, followed by a full Sydney gathering and concluded with the intimate Beechmont retreat in Queensland. It is evident from these gatherings that there is a groundswell of huge willingness to expose all that is false and which dives us head first, literally, into the unrelenting mire of ego thoughts, which can never be understood, rationalized or expected to be anything other than a diversion away from Truth.

Thank you Holy Spirit for your eternal guidance out of the whirl of craziness when we are willing to join and be centred in your Presence. It is the way out and the only way to Peace and Joy.

The retreats and gatherings this month with David and the Messengers of Peace and communities now happening in Yowrie and Newcastle, have brought those together whose desire is for healing the mind of false beliefs.

In gathering together we feel the power and truth of Jesus’ words: “You and your brother will yet come together in my name, and your sanity will be restored”. Thank You! I am eternally grateful.

November 2010

This month David and The Messengers arrived at The Beacon for a time of catch up and rest after lengthy travels. Church services have been enriched with their presence, and music harmonizing with the cicadas and birds has floated on the summer air.

As 2010 winds up we look on them with gratitude and all the others the Holy Spirit has gifted us with who have joined us in opening to Love in our hearts and minds. We all share in common a deep desire for the experience of God, and the direction the Spirit presents so quietly answers our call. Angels are all around, leading us Home with a word, a smile, a thought, and in the stillness of the Mind the miracle occurs, leading us ever closer to our heart’s desire. The year concludes with friends of the Heart joining deeply in a fun 4-day retreat in Maitland. A fitting end to a year of Self discovery.

As 2011 approaches the movement towards Community of Mind is evident, with friends gathering together for next moves in support of each other. The path is made easier with the presence of mighty companions by our side, and it seems that this desire is now becoming a reality for many.

May the new year bring you many blessings and Peace in your heart.

 October 2010


 “Miracles occur naturally as expressions of love.
The real miracle is the love that inspires them.
In this sense everything that comes from love is a miracle.”

November has been a month of witnessing the miracle! It has been a huge gift to see those who have joined in the desire for healing taking big steps in trust. Being willing to start at the beginning and not to skip any steps on which the foot lands has resulted in huge shifts in perception which are miraculous to behold. Jesus promises us that if we follow his plan and trust that it is taking place, joy is the outcome – hallelujah! We stay in the expectancy of the miracle!

Kirsten left to go to Mallorca, Spain and Suzanne arrived to delight us with her presence at church and to deliver the uncompromising message that to experience healing it is required that we loosen from all attachment in the world. Fear of the Truth simply cannot be maintained in the presence of the magnitude of Love extending through her.

At the end of the month David and the Messengers arrived, a caravan of Light leading the way by their demonstration that Peace and Joy are not only possible, but inevitable. We are in for a great summer!

 September 2010


How to summarise October, my goodness – The Love of God are the words that say it all. It’s been a month of witnessing many miracles in the willingness to rest in the Love of God and to allow all that is not Love to be seen with the Spirit, to be brought to the light to be exposed for what it is – that which no longer serves. The theme for the church services say it all - Love of God, God’s Will, All you Need is Love, Opening Our Hearts to Love, and it has been repeated and strengthened in the music that we have shared together.

The community of people gathering with the desire to heal has become very solid, stronger and more committed to a path of healing, coming together every weekend at the Beacon in the desire to join in Truth and Love. In the freedom and loosening of the blocks to Love’s awareness new songs and music have been flowing through Colin to be shared in both tears and laughter. The month rounded off with a four day retreat ‘I Will Not Be Afraid of Love Today’ where it was evident that the essence was gentleness where all were held in safety and love. There was a toning session on Friday night where everyone found their note and experienced the symbol of true harmony with each other, and on Saturday Sue and Greg arrived to give a sense of completion that at last everyone had arrived.

 August 2010


The highlight of this month was our guiding light and Senior Pastor Kirsten, flying in to be with us. The church services started to be shared via skype with the larger community, and what a wonderful depth of joining was experienced in the sharing. Modern technology is a mighty gift! Kirsten gently and lovingly shared heartfelt sermons which touched everyone. The Australian website is starting to be explored, and plans around a regular newsletter got under way, with great excitement around thoughts of content for both. Melanie and Michael arrived to be resident at the Beacon until the end of November, and Michael returned to Yowrie with Peter and Birgit in an assignment of extending and sharing with the backdrop of cleaning up following a big storm. Melanie was prompted to return to dance and will be offering Spirit guided Heart Dance sessions.

July 2010


A house in Corlette, Port Stephens was rented through until March 2011 and the desire for a space to be held for the purpose of healing became a reality - The Beacon. There was lots of joy around hunting through Vinnies and Sallies for a variety of gems from chairs, desks and mugs to picture frames for Jesus. Holy encounters were had everywhere, particularly memorable was the angel in Vinnies who delivered the lounge chairs and then rested in one a while to join with us. What a wonderful gift it was when the first visitors came to stay to experience a stay in community with the purpose of healing. Sydgi blessed us with her beautiful bubbly energy, and at the end of the month a group came together for the weekend to join in a church meeting over skype with Kirsten, Jason, David and Frances in the U.S. Jackie was licensed as a minister, and has agreed to share the depth of that experience in the first newsletter to be issued. "It was a very blessed moment and I am grateful that it was shared with truly sincere and committed companions."

The month of February saw Amen house cleaned out and packed up.

The space there has served so beautifully and we go forth with

gratitude in our hearts! Sue and Greg graciously came and joined

in the spirit of clearing and packing up, offering very practical

hands on help. After assisting in the move from Morisset to

Marmong Point Sue and Greg went to Sydney for more of the same,

and also for the Sunday Service
It feels as though this new house at Marmong

Point..."BrightStar"... is representative of stepping into a new

frontier. The move into BrightStar came with symbols of stars

everywhere! Firstly in the clouds as we drove the removal truck

full of furniture to the house. They kept appearing via a present

from Sue which were star shaped candle holders, on removal trucks,

even on the new bin we brought for the house! Each time we saw a

symbol we were filled with wonder and joy. There has been much

converstation and praying around the 'Star' symbol how it is used

in the name for the house. It comes with a feeling of such

brightness, innocence, clarity and constancy. The house here is

up on a hill overlooking the beautiful Lake Maquarie. The sunrise

each morning is a glory to behold from the huge lounge room

windows. There is a feeling of our sails being open to the wind

and light! We hand our purpose here fully to Spirit and pray for

Him to guide us in all we do.
The community calls each Tuesday fortnight continue to nurture us

All, thankyou to everyone who joins! It really does feel like we

are all in this together. If anyone feels to join on these calls

please contact Sue at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Please click on this link to view the album 'BrightStar' on the Living Miracles Australia facebook page. With Love and Gratitude!